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PC Medic

The true value of our service is prevention

Among my clients, the biggest benefit of using my services in the prevention of future problems with their computers. My service is typically geared towards removing the computer headaches associated with everyday computing.

A comprehensive approach insures that your computing experience will be as trouble-free as possible. To that end, I evaluate, use and can recommend the latest utilities and techniques to safeguard and streamline your computer and its data.

Some of the benefits to my clients include:

Reduced need for costly repairs and lost data.
Reduced number of emergencies
Extended life for existing computers through upgrade.
PC Medic's familiarity with their systems and operation

If you’re interested in scheduling a system evaluation, 
please contact Eric at (781) 769-6677, or send me an email.


·        Troubleshooting of hardware & software problems
·        Computer upgrade & maintenance
·        Network installation & connectivity
·        Software configuration & problems
·        Data recovery & backup solutions
·        Web sites designed & updated
Expert personalized training & advice

Clients and availability

·        Specifically targeted at homes, home offices and small businesses.
·        Same day service available.  
Weekend & holiday hours available.


·   Expert knowledge of all Microsoft operating systems including
      Windows 2000, XP & Vista. Networking and Internet connectivity are
      a specialty.

My background

·    Over 20 years of in-depth experience with all Microsoft applications
      and operating systems. Software development veteran with broad
      system knowledge.

·    Manager of software development groups for multi-million dollar
      product lines.
·    Developer of commercial software as well as Web-based solutions. ·    Multiples successful releases of brand-name commercial software.
·    Software development ranging from computer firmware to desktop
      applications and most everything in between.


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